Application of Aviro19:
-All Ingredients are totally antiviral
-It’s medically proven in the treatment of:
– Co vid
– Limes disease = tick bite
– Hepatitis HBV Virus
– HCV = human child virus
– Candida
– Systemic Infections
– different types of viral fever
– autoimmune diseases
– Autism
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Psoriasis
– Psoriatic Arthritis
– Sarcoidosis
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Fibro myalgia
(any kind of autoimmune disorders)

This decoction creates an alkaline PH in the body, thereby it weakens the viral activity.
In Co vid case the ingredients break the spike protein.
It is also proven to clear heavy metal accumulation from the brain, liver, and kidneys.
It also cleans the toxicity due to different microbes and will cure the symptoms.
99% of cancer is due to viral toxicity and the ingredients clear the viral toxicity and is fastening the cancer cure.