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Ingredients in Aviro-19 herbal mix cleanse viral load from deep cellular dimensions, it clears toxins released by Viruses and other types of micro organisms which results in various symptoms and balances immune system functioning in case of Auto immune conditions. Aviro-19 effect in cleansing gut system balances neuro chemicals and improves brain health.

AVIRO-19 Herbal Mix is launched based on its therapeutic efficacy, observed clinically in treating various types of viral and pandemic diseases in Ayurveda Yoga Villa Hospital & Holistic Research Center.

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WHY should I use Aviro-19:

  • It clears the virus load from our system.

  • It detoxify our body from viruses and free radicals.

  • It is a preventive and rejuvenative step in the present pandemic situation and helps to recover from post viral complications.

  • It balances gut health and optimizes brain health.

  • It improves absorption of nutrients.

  • It will improve our immune system and resistance power.

  • It regulates blood sugar level.

  • It helps in improving skin health.

  • It has no artificial flavoring, additives, sweeteners or preservatives.

  • It is safe to be taken by infants, children, pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly as well as allergy prone persons.


  • Is Aviro-19 safe?

  • Can Aviro-19 causes diarrhea?
    As a result of eliminating toxins and microbes one can expect loose stool after intake.

  • How long should I take Aviro-19?
    Minimum 14 days to maximum 21 days.

  • Will I feel better mentally and physically from Aviro-19?
    Yes, health benefits will be felt after a few days of intake.

  • Can I use Aviro-19 along with other Products?
    Yes, there is no contraindication.

  • It is advised to maintain proper hydration level by sufficient fluid intake!!!.

FACTS about Aviro-19:

  • It flushes out the toxins of your body and is purifying it.This high quality formulation is a combination of 8 potent PURE ORGANIC herbal ingredients.

  • All these ingredients are having ANTI-VIRAL properties.


  • It is GLUTEN-, LACTOSE-, and SOY FREE.

  • It is a potent DETOXIFIER.

  • Aviro-19 is FSSAI registered and approved.


Use earthen vessel or stainless steel vessel.

For adults

In 400ml of water add 1 teaspoon of Aviro-19 herbal mix. Boil and reduce to a quantity of 100ml.


Take 50ml of the decoction in the morning and 50ml of the decoction in the evening 1 hour before food.

Age group between 5 to 15 years:

In 200ml of water add 1/2 (half) teaspoon of Aviro-19 herbal mix. Boil and reduce to a quantity of 50ml.


Take 25ml of the decoction in the morning and 25ml of the decoction in the evening 1 hour before food.

Taste enhancement:

Adding Coconut jaggery, Palm jaggery or Lemon enhances it’s taste while the intake.