1)What is Aviro-19 herbal mix?

   This formulation is a combination of eight potent herbal ingredients, developed by Ayurveda yoga villa life sciences.

                      Herbal ingredients in Aviro-19 are having anti-viral properties and it was founded to be highly effective in managing various types of viral conditions in patients who have received treatments in Ayurveda yoga villa Holistic Research Center and hospital.

2)Who can take Aviro-19 herbal mix?

a) Aviro-19 herbal mix can be included as an effective and preventive step in the present pandemic situation.

b) If Aviro-19 needed to be included for a person who is already taking any medication or under treatments can have an online consultation with our Ayurveda doctor, and can include.

c) Including Aviro-19 can improve the resistance power by its anti-viral properties.

3)How to prepare and take Aviro-19 herbal mix?

Efficacy of Aviro-19 herbal mix depends on its proper method of preparation.

In adults: It is advised to boil one teaspoon herbal mix in 400ml water till it gets reduced to 100ml. Take 50ml herbal mix, morning and evening one hour before food.

In children above age of 5 years: Boil half teaspoon herbal mix in 200ml water, till it gets reduced to 50ml. Take 25ml herbal mix, morning and evening one hour before food.

4)How to improve flavor of aviro-19 herbal mix?

In Aviro-19 herbal mix, no added colors or flavourants were added. For those who would like to improve the flavor can add lemon or jaggery.

5)After preparation, how long does the freshness of Aviro-19 herbal mix last?

Once prepared, the herbal mix drink maintains its freshness and efficacy for 12 hours.

6) Is there any probable side effects while taking Aviro-19 herbal mix?

               As a result of anti-viral properties of the herbal ingredients, in certain persons it can cause diarrhoea , which gets controlled normally without any medical intervention. It is advised to take sufficient quantity of fluids for maintaining hydration level.

7) For assistance regarding intake of Aviro-19 herbal mix, how can one approach?

               You can contact our customer care service +91 8100900045, fix an online consultation with ayurveda doctor.