1) Why do you need to have online consultation with our Ayurveda faculty?

Aviro-19 herbal mix includes herbs which are having potent cleansing properties.

Every individuals body is different. Persons who are diagnosed with various diseases, taking other medication requires guidance from a qualified Ayurveda Doctor.

Online consultations allow the user to consult a Doctor while maintain their privacy. Online Doctor consultations give them easy access to Doctors and make it convenient for them to prioritize their health and privacy simultaneously .

2) Is it legal to have online medical consultation in India ?

Yes , it is technically legal .

3) How long does it take for a free online consultation from Doctor?

Free online consultation is offered for the usage of Aviro-19 herbal mix. You can prepare the questionnaire regarding the usage of Aviro-19 herbal mix and ask the Doctor. Advice given by the Doctor can be written down. As the Doctor is scheduled for online sessions, limit your time period within 5 minutes. Video consultation can save a lot in time and convenience.

4) How to access for an online consultation?

Kindly fill in the requested form on this site or call us to fix an appointment under following no :

+91 8100 900045

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