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1) What is AVIRO-19 Herbal mix?

It is a combination of eight potent herbal ingredients developed under Ayurveda Yoga Villa Life Science. Herbal ingredients in AVIRO-19 was founded be highly significant in curing different types if viral diseases and other microbial diseases for patients in Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre and Hospital. Patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 were provided with the combination of these ingredients. Based on the data collected, majority of the cases got tested negative for corona virus with 7-14 days. The ingredients which are safer and potent, are combined and formulate AVIRO-19 herbal mix.

AVIRO-19 Herbal Mix can be included as a preventive step against COVID-19.
AVIRO-19 Herbal mix can be included, immediately after diagnosed with COVID-19 disease. Including with other treatments, one must do an online consultation with our Ayurveda doctor. Individuals who doesn’t require emergency intervention (or) those who gets critical are exceptions.
As the 8 herbal ingredients in AVIRO-19 herbal mix are having anti-viral properties, it can be included as a natural method along with other anti-viral treatments.
Individuals who are having mild symptoms of COVID-19 such as, cold, discomfort, body ache, cough, etc. and those who are tested for COVID positive through RTPCR test, with a duration of 7 days, AVIRO- 19 herbal mix can be included.

The eight ingredients which are having anti-viral properties helps to clear virus load and fastens the cure.

Efficacy of AVIRO-19 herbal mix will depend on its proper method of preparation. In adults, it is advised to boil 1 tea spoon herbal mix in 400 ml water, and reduce to 100 ml. Take 50 ml of herbal mix meaning and evening one hour before food. In children above 5 years, boil half tea spoon herbal mix in 200 ml water, and reduce to 50 ml. Take 25 ml of herbal mix, morning and evening one hour before food. For improving flavour of herbal mix, while taking it; one can add lemon or jaggery.

TAs a result of cleansing effect of eight anti-viral herbs, in certain cases, it results in diarrhea which gets controlled normally with-out any medical intervention. It is advised to maintain hydration level by proper fluid intake.

If an individual gets in contact with a COVID-19 patient or any kind of microbial exposure can take AVIRO-19 herbal mix as a preventive step.

14- 21 days, one can use AVIRO-19 Herbal mix.

Individual with hyper tension, diabetes, Auto Immune disease along with paid symptoms of COVID-19 (or) asymptomatic, can include AVIRO-19 herbal mix.

Those who ae taking AVIRO-19 herbal mix, having any doubts regarding the usage can contact our customer care service no:+91 8100 9000 45