Our Story

It was Mr. Ajayakumar Poovathukunnel, the founder of Ayurveda Yoga Villa Life Sciences. The herbal mix formulation and other herbal medicines are developed by a team of experienced Ayurveda Doctors based on its proven efficacy in the treatment of various types of diseases. In the year 2006, Ajayakumar has started Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre and Hospital. Later, started udayagiri Rejuvenation Retreat Centre and Hospital and, Ayurveda Yoga village. Ayurveda Yoga Villa and the other centers are top listed under trip Advisor by its international rating given by patents came from different part of the world for receiving authentic Ayurveda treatments for various types of psycho somatic diseases, through holistic treatments included with Ayurveda, Yoga practices, diet and life style regulations.

Ayurveda Yoga Villa and its other centers are included with 200 indigenous cows, organic farming, Yoga, Kalari, Herbal medicine preparation pharmacy, and Ayurveda treatment center.  The method of treatment approach is holistic under the guidance of experienced Doctors, Yoga trainers, and Staff.

About developing herbal formulations

Patients who are diagnosed with various types of chronic diseases, including cancer are coming to the hospital. The experienced team of Doctors, after through examination of the patient use classical herbal combination which are documented in the classical treatises of Ayurveda.

About success in treating Viral diseases

Patients who got diagnosed with different types of viral diseases which are not cured through many years of conventional treatments use to come for Ayurveda treatments. In such cases, the herbal ingredients which are specifically having anti-viral properties are selected, combined, and judiciously administered. After administering these ingredients, the virus load which is causing the disease was reduced.