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Incredible AVIRO-19 HERBAL MIX

A potent herbal elixir formulated to lead a healthier living with its maximum opportunities.

AVIRO-19 herbal mix is a proportionate combination of potent vedic herbs which are proven for its ANTI-VIRAL characteristics.

With utmost care in selecting the herbs from potent soil, it’s pre-processing and processing steps by following vedic scriptures and taking the herbal mix according to the advice given empowers your health in its physical, vital and mental dimensions.

Active principles extracted by boiling the herbal mix with water as per the given instructions promote this elixir in prevention from pandemic diseases. When including with other treatments, fastens the curing process and will reduce the risk of post complications.

For including AVIRO-19 herbal mix consult our Ayurveda faculty to get its proper guidance. Online Consultation

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